It’s Andrew George or the Conservative

Posted on: 22nd November 2019

If Andrew George doesn’t win we’ll have the same obedient Conservative representing us Westminster. Imagine how you’ll feel on 13th December if that happens.

If the Conservative wins, it will probably mean five years of Johnson’s Tory party, supported by Mr Farage and the far right.

There are fake stories on social media about future coalitions. Andrew said, “Let me say categorically: my and my party’s primary goal is to stop Johnson and the hard right. If my party leadership even considered (which they will not) cooperating with the Conservatives they would be doing it without me.”

Andrew’s primary goal is to defeat the hard-right Conservative agenda, which will damage this country for more than a generation. We must work together to stop it.

We are seeing the most cynical activities and dirty tricks ever witnessed in any general election. The Brexit party has allied with the Conservatives to concentrate the right-wing vote in seats like this. They were offered bribes to stand down candidates. UKIP has entered a cooked-up “liberal“ party in this constituency that could deceive voters and damage the chances of Liberal Democrats success. The Conservative party has been caught red-handed promoting fake news, doctoring videos, disguising their own accounts, and setting up fake websites to mislead the public. They have covered-up a critical report into Russian interference in UK politics that would shine a light on things that the public has a right to know in this campaign.

It is perfectly possible that the dishonest claims being made on social media, even on Labour and generally anti-Conservative sites, are actually a part of these same dirty tricks, a diversion to split the progressive vote in marginal seats like this one, and encourage damaging tribalism that can only help the the Tories to a majority.

Please don’t be distracted or dissuaded. The stakes are so high in this election. There were only 312 votes between the Conservative and Andrew GEORGE last time. They will try every dirty trick in the Dominic Cummings’ playbook in the hope of clinging onto this seat.