It’s about WHAT a Government of unity does, not about WHO leads it

Posted on: 16th August 2019

Our primary objective should be to combat this Dominic Cummings Government, the advance of the right and Johnson’s “promise-anything” cavalier attitude to truth and integrity.

If a sensible moderate majority of MPs can come together to head off the irresponsible catastrophe our country is destined for – if Cummings/Johnson are left to carry on as they are – then the sensible moderate majority of the public should get behind it.

It really doesn’t matter WHO leads a caretaker unity Government – whether it be Jeremy Corbyn or Jimmy Cricket. That’s not the primary concern. The priority is to agree WHAT that Government does. But if Jeremy Corbyn, or Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman or whoever can’t get the backing of their fellow MPs they too should be big enough to stand aside for others.