It seems all Parties want a General Election

Posted on: 12th September 2019

It seems all Parties want a General Election. And so they should. We have a Government that can’t govern. Critically important matters can’t be resolved.

But equally we shouldn’t leave the power to set the date for the election with a pathological liar like the present PM; a man who cannot be trusted and could petulantly force the country into the most damaging Brexit option of the lot. So we’re stuck in this pre-election netherworld.

When the election does come – later in October or November – it’d be a relief for all if the key issues were other than the ‘B’ word. Matters like the NHS, which has been so poorly neglected in recent years.

Conservatives originally voted against the creation of the NHS in 1945. It seems they still don’t know how to treat it.

In spite of recent promises of future money, the funding gap has grown. The NHS has 100,000 infilled doctor and nurse vacancies. Edward Hain Hospital and other local hospitals have closed.

Meanwhile the Conservatives have slashed funding to Cornwall Council by 84% since 2015, resulting in cuts to services, libraries and loos. And more post offices have closed at Gulval, Newlyn, Leedstown, Carbis Bay, Porthleven, Coverack, Heamoor and many more are at risk. The biggest loss by far.

It’s not just that they’re wrecking our country with their Brexit chaos. The Conservatives cannot be trusted with our NHS or public services either. That’s what the next General Election should be about.