Is the Conservative Government preparing for a snap Election?

Posted on: 29th August 2019

Is the Conservative Government preparing for a snap Election or are they really governing the country?

  • PM Johnson claims he’ll give a billion for NHS projects after having starved it of funds since 2015
  • PM Johnson purports to offer £4bn extra for education after many schools have been brought to their knees since 2015.
  • PM Johnson insists he can recruit 20,000 more police officers after slashing police numbers and budgets for years.
  • He then announced a “review” of HS2 – which happens to pass through many Tory marginal seats which want the project scrapped.

Johnson and the real PM – Dominic Cummings – have their hands on the Treasury sweetie jar. They want to make big funding announcements next week. Expect money to be thrown at services previously starved of cash. Don’t be fooled. These pre-election bribes will last as long as it takes to get him through the anticipated snap General Election.