Ignore Ministers. Follow the science for Covid security.

Posted on: 28th January 2022


We can combat Covid and support our economy if we support each other. Communities across Cornwall and Scilly can demonstrate we’re amongst the most community-spirited places in the country.

Conservative Ministers have chosen to ignore almost all authoritative science and have lifted sensible Covid controls. In contrast we can all show that here in our communities we will continue to respect others and are prepared to accept the minor inconvenience of mask-wearing, respecting social space and maintaining good hygiene and ventilation practice to combat the still very high level of covid prevalence and astonishing level of death – in excess of 2,000 per week.

We will open our economy sooner and more effectively combat the pandemic if we learn to ADJUST to the realities of Covid. Right-wing Tories prefer to use the pretext “Learn to LIVE with” the pandemic; meaning ignore sensible bio-security measures and diminish the importance of the vaccine. But this attitude has resulted in the UK having amongst the highest level of Covid deaths in the developed world and having to meet the high cost of more Covid lockdowns than would have been necessary.