Human Rights In Iran (No. 2)

Posted on: 11th January 2012

Andrew George has seconded EDM2583. Motion reads: “That this House is concerned by the practice of execution by stoning in Iran; notes that stoning is a particularly repugnant and cruel form of execution; is concerned that stoning is mandatory under the Iranian Penal Code for the offence of `adultery while married’ for both men and women; is alarmed that since 2002 six people that Amnesty International is aware of have been executed by stoning and at least14 people are presently at risk of execution by stoning; commends Amnesty International’s campaign which seeks to end this appalling practice; is encouraged that the Iranian authorities are currently undertaking a review of whether stoning should be included in the penal code; and calls on the Government to do all it can to ensure that stoning is removed from Iran’s penal code.”