Home care workers need more time.

Posted on: 7th October 2013

Commenting on today’s report from Leonard Cheshire Disability that home care workers are being asked to perform tasks within 15 minute visits, Liberal Democrat member of the Health Select Committee, Andrew George MP, is calling on Health Ministers to introduce new benchmark standards for home care workers.  Mr George has been pressing ministers for many months to improve homecare standards.


• A living wage for care workers (currently £7.20 per hour)
• Travel time between visits is part of salaried time
• A mileage rate with an at least minimum level of 35 pence per mile paid to travelling care workers
• A minimum visit time of 45 minutes in exceptional cases but at least one hour for most visits, especially if it involves at least two of the following procedures for non/semi ambient clients; getting out of bed, dressing/undressing, toileting, feeding, washing, and mobility support
• The introduction of an efficient and effective arrival and departure reporting/recording system
• Support for registration of care workers, including formal structured annual training to retain qualification

Drafted February 2013





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