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Help for local people perplexed by Brexit progress

Posted on: 12th November 2018

Local campaigner Andrew George will take to the public halls and streets this week to talk to local people about where they want the Brexit negotiations to go. He’s arranged speakers to join him in St John’s Hall, Penzance on Thursday evening and will visit Penwith College during that afternoon.

He will also take his campaign to the streets of St Ives and Porthleven on other days. And he’s arranged for Liberal Democrat leader and former Trade Secretary – Dr Sir Vince Cable MP – to spend time in the constituency on Thursday 29th November.

He’s again invited the local Conservative MP to attend his meeting on Thursday and requested a reciprocal arrangement for a meeting Mr Thomas has arranged with UKIP in Helston the following evening.

Mr George said, “It’s obvious the Brexit negotiations are not going well. It’s unlikely any of the potential deals on offer will secure the support of Parliament, even if local Conservative MPs will vote for it whatever.

“The latest Ministerial resignation raises questions about the plausibility of the Government ploughing on with its plans. How many more wheels have to fall off this wagon before the PM faces up to reality and stops the pretence that everything about Brexit is just fine?

This Brexy-Mac-Brexitface escapade must have been fun for those irresponsible enough to go along with it, but it’s now time to get real.
“”Local businesses and local people are becoming extremely anxious. That’s why it’s important that local people should have a chance to hear what’s going on and to seek answers to crucial questions.

“I’m pleased that our alerting public and press to the meeting which the local MP arranged with UKIP has forced him to widen the publicity for it. But it’s a pity and rather bizarre he has only invited UKIP to join him on the platform. He refused to debate the matter publicly during the referendum campaign and has refused all invitations to attend public meetings until now.

“He faces the most grave question Parliament has faced in years and local people deserve to know why he has behaved as he has, how he will approach this vote and will need to demonstrate that he has the competence to handle the complexities of the decision to be made.”