Government must act to protect seabirds from pollutants – MP

Posted on: 15th April 2013

West Cornwall and Scilly MP, Andrew George, is calling upon Marine Environment Minister, Richard Benyon MP, to regulate and to prosecute ships which discharge pollutants which are killing hundreds of Guillemots and Razorbills at sea.

Many of Mr George’s constituents, who are engaged in efforts to recover seabirds which have been stricken by Polyisobutylene following a suspected recent ship discharge, have urged Mr George to take the matter up with Government.

It is perfectly legal for ships to discharge this substance when they are at least 12 miles offshore – precisely in the area where Guillemots and Razorbills feed.

Mr George has written to the Minister requesting that action be taken, not least because the Government is currently consulting on the rolling out of new Marine Conservation Zones which are to be introduced with the intention of protecting the biodiversity of marine life.

Mr George said, “Ships seem to have a licence to pollute.  They must be aware, from all of the publicity in February, just what an impact this can have.  Clearly, they couldn’t care less.

“The Government must look into this and put proper protections in place.  Those ships which flout the rules should be prosecuted.”


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