Good to see farming with wildlife in mind – George

Posted on: 30th September 2013

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West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, met with local High Nature farmers to discuss the challenges they face, last Friday 27th September 2013.

The meeting took place on a farm in the St Just area. Farmers wanted to give Mr George the opportunity to discuss planned changes to Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) support and what species/habitats the farmers are managing through CAP Agri-Environment Schemes.

Mr George recently challenged the Prime Minister to cap farm support payments to very large landowners and Agri-businesses and is soon to commence the first stage of a Penwith-wide badger vaccination programme to combat bovine TB in cattle and wildlife; the first community-led project in the country.

Mr George said: “We can no longer afford to give away million £ cheques to very large landowners and farmers who don’t need it. There aren’t any of these in west Cornwall.

“On the other hand, those farmers who manage their holding sustainably deserve public support. I look forward to discussing these issues with local farmers.”


The concept of High Nature Value farming developed from a recognition that the conservation of biodiversity depends upon the continuation of low-intensity farming systems.





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