George welcomes minister to launch of “Superfast Scilly”

Posted on: 21st November 2014

The MP for the West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly constituency of St Ives, Andrew George, will welcome Communities Minister, Lord (Tariq) Ahmad to the Islands on Friday 21st November when the Minister formerly switches on the Superfast Broadband connection for the Islands at the Star Castle Hotel on St Mary’s.

Mr George has been lobbying for this Superfast Broadband connection since the Superfast Cornwall programme was established seven years ago.  He also lobbied heavily for the project to Treasury and DCMS Ministers for the significant hurdle of the prohibitive charges likely to be levied by the Crown Estates for the laying of fibre optic cables on the seabed to the Islands.

Mr George, who has been in communication with Lord Ahmad and his office prior to the visit, but who will not be able to join him on the day, issued a welcome to the Minister and an appreciation to the Government for helping him overcome the impediments to the progress of the £3.7 million project.

Mr George said:  “This is indeed a very exciting day and the product of a tremendous amount of effort and lobbying on the part of many people to get us to this position.

“This will make the Isles of Scilly arguably the best Internet connected islands on the planet.  This will contribute a major boost for business and tourism.

“Of course, I’m still gathering information and data on mobile phone connectivity and will press Government Ministers for action to overcome the remaining problems we have with that service.

“Nevertheless, this is a day for celebration and congratulations.  I am grateful to the Minister for coming to the Islands to officiate at the launch.”

Mr George also welcomed the Minister’s interest in other projects he has been promoting at St Mary’s Harbour, the airport and elsewhere.