George welcomes Lib Dems Bedroom Tax push

Posted on: 17th July 2014

‘Bedroom Tax’ rebel, Andrew George MP, welcomed his (Liberal Democrats) Party’s review of the Spare Room Subsidy “Bedroom Tax”, (especially after The Department for Work and Pensions analysis showed nearly 60% of the 550,000 tenants affected by the Bedroom Tax were in rent arrears and only one in 20 had been able to move to a smaller home).

Mr George had spoken out against the “Tax” and voted against it arguing that poorer families had as much right to a stable family home as the better off. He has also brought forward proposals in his Affordable Homes Bill to negate the worst effects of the regulations.

Mr George said, “The report findings of the Department for Work and Pensions are no surprise. I take no pleasure in saying “I told you so”.

“I look forward to working with my Liberal Democrat colleagues in making the case for new and fairer rules, seeking to get them in place during this Parliament. But, if we cannot convince our Conservative coalition partners during the last year of the Parliament, I look forward seeing to our commitment to these new reforms in our 2015 manifesto.”