George Welcomes Banks’ Chequebook Backdown

Posted on: 13th July 2011

Local MP, Andrew George, who has been campaigning against proposals to scrap cheque books, has welcomed the UK Payments Council’s change of mind.

The Council, which is a body made up of the major banks, has announced that they are to reverse their decision to scrap cheques by 2018 and that they will continue their use for as long as customers need them.

Mr George said: “I’m pleased that campaigning pressure has worked and that the banks have backed down. This proposal was going to have a particular impact upon charities and the vulnerable. It is time the banks listened to the people for once.

“However, watch out that the banks don’t try to scrap cheque books by the back door. They will no doubt make it more difficult to use and try to close the system down by stealth. So we will have to be vigilant.”





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