George wants to “pause, reflect and listen to constituents” before choosing new Parliamentary Bill

Posted on: 13th June 2014

The local MP, Andrew George, who came top of the ballot for Private Members’ Bills yesterday has said that he will use the fortnight before which he must submit his proposed legislation to “pause, reflect and listen to constituents before making any final decisions”.

Mr George has already come under pressure from a large number of lobbying organisations keen to promote their proposed Parliamentary Bills and Mr George has been leading national and Parliamentary campaigns for safe staffing levels on acute hospital wards; proposals to constrain the negative social and economic consequences of high levels of second home ownership; a proposal to establish new “bench mark standards” for home care workers to give them time to do their job and a decent living wage; third party rights of appeal to balance what Mr George describes as the “developers’ charter” of the planning system; a proposal to establish a rural housing investment bank to support a new “intermediate market” of affordable housing for local people; plans to negate impact of the “bedroom tax” which Mr George opposed; plans to put patients before profit in the NHS; the campaign for a Cornish Assembly with real powers to Cornwall in areas of economic development, housing, health and environmental policy; super concessions for 16-25 year olds on public transport; and Mr George also Chairs the national campaign for the return of the Parthenon sculptures to Athens amongst other campaigns.

Mr George, who was recently confirmed by University researchers to be the “most rebellious” Liberal Democrat MP, said: “Obviously, I am delighted to have been drawn top in the Private Members’ Bill ballot. It’s the MPs’ equivalent of winning the jackpot in the National Lottery! This is a great opportunity. I now have the opportunity of a fortnight to take time to pause and reflect upon ideas for legislation which will contribute to a strong economy, a fair society and sustainable environment. There are scores of ideas already. But I want the decision to put the best interests of Cornwall and Scilly at heart.

“Over the next week I will pause and reflect and produce a shortlist of three or four proposals which I will then put to my constituents for final consultation and response and encourage local people to help me decide.”




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