George wants “A Greener Government”

Posted on: 16th March 2015
Lucas croppedAndrew George MP and Caroline Lucas MP


Local MP, Andrew George, is urging local constituents to get behind his campaign for “A Greener Government”.  He’s holding a public meeting at Penwith College on Friday 27th March 2015 commencing at 7pm.  He has a panel of environmental experts, including former Chief Executive of the CPRE, Baroness Kate Parminter, Wildlife Ecologist (and co-partner with Andrew George of the Penwith Badger Vaccination project), Professor Rosie Woodroffe and Dr Nick Tregenza, a well-known Marine Biologist and Cetacean (dolphin/porpoise) expert.

Andrew George is a leading green campaigner in Parliament and in the constituency.  He has successfully pushed Government to include environmental standards, fought Government and won to defeat the planned forestry sell-off, strengthening the planning system and has led parliamentary campaigns on animal welfare and climate change standards.

He works with fellow MPs across all parties – especially Green MP Caroline Lucas – to advance strong environmental policy.  Last week Andrew George and Caroline Lucas co-sponsored the NHS Reinstatement Bill to put patients before profit in the NHS.

Andrew said, “Although I and my Party have made some progress to promote stronger environmental standards in the last five years of Government, simply introducing a 5p plastic bag tax, stopping the Tories from re-introducing hunting and stopping them selling off our forests is not, in itself, enough to protect our planet for future generations.  There is much more that we can do.

“This event is a chance to review Government environment and climate change policy over recent years, to hear from an expert panel to consider what the next Government should do.”