George visits Archie Brown’s – ‘Informed consumer choice paramount’

Posted on: 15th August 2013

Archie Browns' adjsutedMr George is pictured with Beth Leopold, nutritionist at Archie Browns


Local MP, Andrew George visited Archie Browns Health Food Shop & Cafe in Penzance on Tuesday 13th August 2013 where he discussed the impact of vitamin supplement directives and regulations on retailers and users of health foods and supplements.

Mr George has long promoted the case for “informed consumer choice” rather than heavy regulation where vitamins and food supplements are concerned. Some health food stores are concerned about the possible implementation of heavy regulations which would ban higher potency vitamin and mineral supplements which are currently provided through many health food stores.

The industry itself fears that such a development would not just seriously damage the availability of supplements to those who use them, but could lead to the closure of around 700 independent health food stores across Britain and the loss of thousands of specialist retail and manufacturing jobs.

Mr George met Helen Swift, Managing Director of Archie Browns and discussed the matter with her before taking further action to ensure that Health Minister – Anna Soubry MP – is aware of the potential impact that such regulations may have on consumers and the industry.


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