George supports Royal Colleges’ opposition to Health Bill

Posted on: 20th January 2012

Following his question to the Prime Minister on Wednesday, Andrew George MP, Liberal Democrat member of the Health Select Committee, welcomed the statement by the Royal Colleges of Nursing and Midwifery, who moved to outright opposition of the Health and Social Care Bill.

Mr George said, “Nurses and midwives are the largest of the professional clinical groups in the NHS and I hope the Government will listen.

“They have also answered one of the critical concerns in the minds of many regarding the potentially disruptive impact of stopping the Health Bill even at this late stage. After all, what is more disruptive and damaging: carrying on or halting this train crash even though many of the carriages have already come off the rails? As the RCN make clear, a semi-wrecked train is better stopped than giving up hope and letting it run its course and hoping for a miracle.”

On Wednesday, Mr George challenged David Cameron in Prime Minister’s Questions to shelve the Health Bill and go back to the Coalition Agreement.





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