George Steps Up His Opposition to Dean Quarry Development

Posted on: 12th March 2015


Local MP, Andrew George, has been stepping up the pressure on Dean Quarry developers, Shire Oak.  Andrew has already made his opposition to Shire Oak’s plans, and has been working closely with the local community to halt the proposed development of the quarry, before it reaches planning stage.

In the meantime, and in order to both reinforce his opposition and protect the interests of the local community Andrew has been pressing regulators to rigorously review the plans and has demanded concessions from the developers.

Andrew has told Shire Oak that they should:

  1. Surrender the mineral rights outside the      existing quarry to a community trust which would protect the quarry from      future excavation;
  2. Should it proceed, to commit to sharing a      proportion of turnover with the local community;
  3. Establish a bond to deal with any liabilities      and any reparation work arising and;
  4. To scale back plans for a marine developments,      including the removal of the proposed 600m breakwater and other      concessions.

Mr George said, “These plans are out of scale with the area and should be refused.  However, it would be irresponsible not to secure as many concessions from the applicant as possible at this stage.  It is wise to seek to secure concessions before applications are determined rather than to renegotiate afterwards, if the negotiations go the wrong way.

The developers are asking too much of the local community. It is only fair that local people who are understandably up in arms about Shire Oak’s plans receive these concessions before any decisions are made.”