George secures Prime Minister’s support for Goonhilly project

Posted on: 27th June 2012

Andrew George, MP for West Cornwall, St. Ives and Isles of Scilly, today asked the Prime Minister to give his support to the Goonhilly Space Science and Technology Park project. Mr George urged the Prime Minister to use his influence help ensure there are no further delays in granting the project Regional Growth Fund support.

Mr George said:

“The exciting Goonhilly Space Science and Technology Park in my constituency richly deserves its conditional Regional Growth Fund approval to secure vital jobs and international inward investment to the UK; harmonising with the Government’s welcome and crucial commitment to space sector growth.

“Would the PM use his influence to make sure that there is no – I’m sorry to say, further – avoidable delay in the approval of Regional Growth Fund support and the launch of this critically important enterprise?”

In response the PM indicated his support for the project and said that he would look into the delay. He also acknowledged that high tech jobs were important to Cornwall and offered a real opportunity to the area.

On July 11th Goonhilly will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first transatlantic satellite transmission and Mr George is asking Government Ministers to have all final approvals in place by then.


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