George reported racist leaflet to Police – and has now forwarded the name of suspected author

Posted on: 19th November 2018

Andrew George, who reported to the Police the anonymously produced offensive leaflet circulated at the joint UKIP-Conservative Parties meeting arranged by the local Conservative MP at Helston on Friday evening, is urging witnesses with evidence to come forward. Yesterday he also forwarded the name of the suspected author of the leaflet to the police.

Mr George explained that he’d reported the matter to the police shortly after the event and had further spoken to the police over the weekend. “Anyone who knows or who has a description of the people who circulated the letter should come forward. The incident has been given a crime reference log number but more evidence will help.

“I have heard that try MP wants to report the matter to the police today. I already have. If he and his staff have useful information and evidence I’m sure this will be appreciated.”

Mr George had been told by the Conservative MP, Derek Thomas, that he was not welcome at the meeting. But Mr George went anyway, to listen and take note.

However, both the UKIp speaker and Mr Thomas made many references to Mr George in their speeches and later in the evening it emerged that a leaflet attacking Mr George had been circulated to all attendees except Mr George.

Mr George said, “Having been told not to come to the MP’s meeting I discovered it was just as well that I did go. As much of the discussion and literature there was about my efforts to ensure local people are informed about the impact and consequences of the Brexit plans being followed by the Government. The racist literature attacked and disparaged me, not Mr Thomas.

“As the MP had staff ushering attendees and Conservative party supporters at the meeting it’s unrealistic they were unaware that this literature was being distributed to everyone (except me) at the entrance to the venue.

“Condemning this nasty leaflet is one thing, but disassociating yourself from the nudge and dog-whistle politics which emboldens perpetrators of this kind of material is what is required. Both speakers at the meeting asserted that giving the people a say on the final Brexit deal would unleash extremists and division. But this episode and the leaflet demonstrates these vile forces have already been unleashed following the 2016 referendum and the claims made by some Brexiteers.”