Brexit: What next?

George puts call out… a representative on behalf of Brexit supporters please

Posted on: 12th February 2019

Campaigner, Andrew George, who has put on a series of well attended public meetings and debates in Penzance and Helston during recent months is requesting a representative on behalf of Brexit supporters to join him and other speakers at a panel debate in Penzance this Friday evening 15th Feb.

They would join a panel with Professor Michael Dougan who is the Professor of EU Law at Liverpool University and Sarah Adkins who is a lawyer who advises businesses on Brexit and trade policy.

Following the most recent event on 1st feb when expelled Conservative MEP, Julie Girling was guest speaker, Mr George has been trying hard to find a Brexit supporter to join the panel for the next event. He’s of course asked the local MP, Derek Thomas, who has refused even if he were free on the evening. The local UKIP has also been unable to find anyone. Mr George asked others including William Dartmouth MEP who is not able to get to Penzance.

Mr George said, “I hope one of the Brexit supporting organisations will find a speaker. I’d prefer to have someone there who can make a case for Brexit on the terms of either of the many variations proposed in recent weeks. It would be a pity if no one could be found.