George Osborne visit to Cornwall – actions speak louder than visits

Posted on: 15th May 2014

Responding to today’s confirmed visit to Cornwall by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, West Cornwall MP Andrew George has requested that George Osborne uses his visit to to reflect and act upon a number of critical economic and infrastructure issues facing Cornwall.

Andrew George said “while I always welcome senior members of our Government when they visit Cornwall, I hope that George Osborne uses his time in the Duchy to gain some insight into a number of critical issues facing our communities. Perhaps he will pause and reflect upon the need for some critical decision making to improve the livelihoods and economic circumstances of communities in Cornwall.

“The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives came together in the national interest. Liberal Democrats are working for a strong economy and a fair society. Progress is being made but there is still much more to do – such as our campaign to promote apprenticeships, which has been successful, but too many young people are facing real challenges with low income; and the Government tax and help policies still favour second home owners more favourably than first time buyers.

“As such, I will be writing to George Osborne to ask him for concrete responses on five critical issues facing Cornwall – namely, secure funding for areas affected by storm damage; to get behind the Cornish bid for long term rail investment; to amend the Governments Funding Formula, where rural local authorities are currently penalised in contrast to their urban counterparts; to make sure that the Government has an action plan to help first time home buyers – Cornwall is a county where four times more homes are sold to second home buyers than first time buyers; and to give Cornwall Operational Programme status for our EU funds from 2014-2020.

“I hope that George Osborne will act upon my five point plan request for Cornwall. If he acts upon this plan – only then will his visit to Cornwall be seen as more than a bread and circuses roadshow. His actions must speak louder to Cornwall than a visit.”

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