George nominated for “Backbencher of the Year” award

Posted on: 31st October 2012

Local MP, Andrew George, has been shortlisted for “Backbencher of the year” in the annual “House Awards”.  The results will be known in a month’s time.

Mr George said, “I realise I stand no chance of winning the award – Parliamentary arithmetic at the very least is against it.  It’s a surprise and an honour to find myself on the nomination shortlist.  That is honour enough for me.  I am grateful to whoever proposed my nomination.

“I’m just getting on with the job of holding the Government to account.  I realise that that sometimes means I’m a thorn in their side, but just because I sit on the Government benches, it doesn’t mean to say that I should be uncritical.  I know I’ve been highlighted as the most rebellious MP.  But I don’t see this as either a badge of shame or of pride – I’m just doing my job!”