George intensifies pressure on Conservatives over “Bedroom Tax”

Posted on: 16th December 2014

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, who led the successful campaign in Parliament with a Bill to scrap the Tory ‘Bedroom Tax’ has welcomed the strong response to his petition launched only a few days ago. The petition aims to stop PM David Cameron from sabotaging his proposed legislation. He is urging people across the country to support the campaign.

The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly at Second Reading stage (by 75 votes) to support Andrew’s Bill, but Tory Ministers are refusing to grant money for his Affordable Homes Private Members’ Bill. This underhand device has not been used by any Government for decades. Mr George previously accused the Prime Minister of “abusing his power” to defy the will of Parliament.

The Bill is currently suspended in its Committee Stage, awaiting a change of mind from the Conservatives. Mr George has intensified his pressure on the Conservatives to “Axe the Bedroom Tax” through setting up a petition campaign which states:- To: The Prime Minister, David Cameron: We, the undersigned, call on you to respect the clear will of Parliament and to let Andrew George MP’s Bill to scrap the ‘Bedroom Tax’ proceed into law.

Mr George will also be contributing to the Opposition Day Debate on the Bedroom Tax in the House of Commons on 17th December.

Mr George said, “Parliament overwhelmingly voted to get rid of the Bedroom Tax and yet still the Tories are prepared to try any underhand method to sabotage this Bill. The Tories penalise the poor if they believe they’re under-occupying their council home, but reward the wealthy if they under occupy their second home. They should not be allowed to get away with this.

“I’m encouraged by the early response to the petition. This is an immoral tax and must be axed. The country wants it axed. Parliament wants it axed. Yet the Tories appear to be the only ones who want to keep it. They are defying the democratic will of Parliament and the country. It is a shocking abuse of the privilege of executive power.”