George celebrates/supports church action

Posted on: 11th March 2014

The MP for the West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly constituency of St Ives, Andrew George, has contacted local churches and religious organisations in the constituency to congratulate those who already support projects to help those in greatest need in their community and to offer support to those who would like to take on new projects to help the needy.

Mr George said that local churches are often at the forefront of helping those in greatest need and filling the gap where the State fails to reach. Many local churches have been and are involved in projects to support the homeless, to create and support Food Banks and to help those in the most desperate need. Mr George has contacted The Cinnamon Network – a national organisation which works to make it as easy as possible for local churches to serve those people most in need in their communities. Mr George has written to over 80 local churches and religious organisations across the constituency .

Mr George said, “West Cornwall and Scilly may not attract the same attention as inner urban areas but the social problems and financial pressures are as intense for thousands of families. Not only do we have the lowest wages but we have amongst the highest housing and living costs in the country. This puts low earners and those with severe social and medical/mental health problems in a position of greater vulnerability than in many inner urban areas.

“That’s why it is fantastic that local churches have, over many years, done so much to help those in greatest need. It’s not just the fantastic work of the YMCA and the Salvation Army but the local churches that have worked with others to set up Food Banks, street support services, church outreach work, helplines and much behind-the-scene work which I am aware of and which is often given without the expectation nor desire of recognition let alone the accolade that the people providing such support deserve.

“The Government’s Social Action Fund can provide small grants to help get new projects get off the ground. That’s why I’m very keen that local churches and community groups that want to take advantage of these funds know about it and make sure that West Cornwall and Scilly get a fair share of the funds available. We certainly deserve it.”