George calls on Prime Minister to shelve Health Bill

Posted on: 18th January 2012

Andrew George MP – a Liberal Democrat member of the Health Select Committee – today called on the Prime Minister to shelve the Government’s controversial Health and Social Care Bill. Scroll to 14:50

During Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons Mr George called into question the Government’s claim that the Health Bill was necessary.

Mr George said:

“A year ago the Prime Minister told me that the reason for the then new Health Bill was, and I quote, ‘simply that this country now has European levels of health spending but does not have European levels of success’. (19 Jan 2011: Column 831)

Now we know that isn’t the case will the Prime Minister please shelve this disruptive and destructive Bill which is now struggling in another place, go back to the Coalition Agreement and build up from there?”

In his reply, the Prime Minister disputed Mr George’s assertion saying that the Government had listened to health professionals and others and said that the Government is determined to press ahead with the Bill.


To view on BBC iplayer:

View from 14 mins 53 secs



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