Front-line Lions led by Donkeys

Posted on: 11th October 2021


Our NHS staff and community volunteers received richly deserved acclamation this week in a cross-Party Commons report for its magnificent handling of the vaccine roll-out across the UK. However, the same report – chaired as it was by senior Conservatives – castigated the Conservative Government for causing excessive death in one of the UK’s “worst public health failures”.

It condemned virtually every aspect of the Government’s handling of the pandemic: failed to follow international science and best practice; slow to lockdown; failed to protect the most vulnerable, especially in care homes; mishandled PPE procurement; wasted billions on incompetent test and trace systems; and handed contracts to their political chums rather than to competent providers. The UK had the worst covid death rate in the developed world. A shameful record.

However, because the PM is a jovial entertainer, this news won’t dent his popularity. The country would rather not dwell on irrefutable facts, but instead look forward to the next gag. And who can blame people when the prospects on so many fronts look so dire?