Posted on: 6th February 2013

Andrew George MP – Liberal Democrat member of the Commons Health Select Committee and an MP who has championed the need for better support for whistle blowers and for safe registered nurse staffing levels – has commented on the much anticipated report of Robert Francis QC, Chair of the public inquiry into the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, which is due to be published later today:

Mr George said: “You can create as many inspectors as you want. We’ll just lurch on to the next crisis until registered nurses are supported with safe staffing levels and real protection when they blow the whistle.

“If there’s an offer of more inspectors then the Government should beef up the Care Quality Commission, not create yet another purposeful sounding but pointless quango. The last Government created a health service where it seemed patient care became subordinate to tick box targets and synthetic management tools. We should get back to basics. A respected nursing profession, safe staffing levels and support for those front line professionals who are prepared to blow the whistle on unacceptable standards.”

The Francis Report into Mid Staffordshire Hospital Trust is expected to include a proposal to establish the creation of a Chief Inspector of Hospitals post.