Former Labour MP says “vote Liberal Democrat”

Posted on: 20th May 2019

A former Labour MP and good friend, Andrew Mackinlay, contacted me this evening to say he’s encouraging Labour supporters to vote Liberal Democrat in Thursday’s Euro poll. He gave me the following statement:

Andrew Mackinlay, who was for 18 years the Labour Member of Parliament for Thurrock, has urged Labour Party Remain supporting members to vote Liberal Democrat in the the European election on Thursday.
He said today:
“Week after week people like myself have, with bated breath , expected and hoped for an unambiguous, unequivocal declaration by Jeremy Corbyn that the Labour Party would demand a People’s Vote.
“Sadly, it has not been forthcoming. We have run out of time. The gravity of the situation now demands that all people who believe in the UK maintaining the unity of the United Kingdom and its European Union membership, must now make a proud and a unashamed declaration of their beliefs in this Thursday’s elections.
“Any reasonable person has to conclude that the Labour party’s position is, at best, incoherent, inconsistent and totally lacking in leadership.
“I have spent 52 years in continuous and uninterrupted membership of the Labour Party.
It hurts very much to have to reach the decision that I have today. The future of our country is of paramount importance to me and the only major party representing my beliefs in the European Union are the Liberal Democrats.
“An important message will be sent by maximising the number of the Liberal Democrat MEPs
elected this Thursday.”

Andrew was a good friend in Parliament. Like me he was very independent-minded and often found himself unable to vote for many of Tony Blair’s policies. He often joined the Liberal Democrats in opposition. This was a difficult decision for Andrew. But he’s called it right. We have just a few days to turn this around. Voting Liberal Democrat will send a very strong message.


Andrew Mackinlay was also Labour candidate on many occasions before entering Parliament in 1992.
He had stood for election in Kingston upon Thames where he was a Councillor in
Surbiton February and October 1974 and at the last elections to the GLC.
He was Parliamentary candidate in Croydon Central 1983.
A candidate for the European Parliament in 1984
The Labour candidate for PETERBOROUGH in 1987.