“Fake news” is Johnson’s route to No. 10

Posted on: 18th July 2019

Our next PM continues to fib his way to Downing Street…

Mr Johnson has made a trade in making up stories about straight bananas and fictitious regulations he wants people to rail against. Last night he pleased Tory supporters by waving a kipper on stage, asking “Why does a kipper from the Isle of Man need to be told by the EU that he has to provide a pillow of ice with every kipper? It’s an unnecessary cost. And what are you supposed to do with the pillow of ice? How do you dispose of it?”

Except the European Commission has gently pointed out to the serial fibber that no EU rules exist that require kippers to be posted with plastic ice pillows.

An EU spokesperson flatly contradicted the claims made by Mr Johnson stating the issue between the Isle of the Man and the mainland was “entirely a UK matter”.

Food standards are a UK function, so the regulations are those his Government is responsible for. And the Isle of Man isn’t in the UK or the EU.

…But, apart from that it’s a good story. And it’s as honest as everything else Mr J says, or has printed on the side of a Red campaign bus…