Extension Of Copyright Term For Musicians

Posted on: 11th October 2011

Andrew George has signed EDM2185. Motion reads: “That this Housewelcomes the extension of musicians’ copyright term from 50 to 70 years agreed by the EU on 12 September 2011; believes that this will bring a fairer reward to many thousands of recording artists, including session musicians, backing singers and orchestral players, who will benefit from a longer copyright term, a substantial new fund for session musicians from record company revenues, a requirement for labels to make sure all recordings are made available through original recording labels, or for release by the musicians independently, and the writing off of any unrecovered advances so that musicians receive full royalties in the extended term; and thanks the 38,000 musicians across Europe (including 6,000 in the UK) who signed the petition which helped to secure this successful outcome to a campaign supported by PPL, the Musicians Union and by a number of Members of both Houses of Parliament on an all-party basis.”