EU leaders Merkel and Macron have called Johnson’s bluff

Posted on: 29th August 2019

EU leaders Merkel and Macron have called Johnson’s bluff. He assured them he could walk on water where Irish backstops and borders are concerned. They’ve given him 30 days to prove it. They must be laughing behind their hands. It would be entertaining if it weren’t so humiliating for the UK.

For the millions who will be harmed by the antics of this Government there isn’t a funny side. Meanwhile the pampered, wealthy and expensively educated Brexit campaigners who have led us to this catastrophe will of course be insulated from the worst effects of their irresponsibility.

There’s no chance of further meaningful negotiation. There won’t be a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Parliament won’t allow it. The Government can neither morally nor constitutionally force it through. So we’re not leaving.

There’s no painless way out of this self-inflicted shambles the Conservatives have visited upon this country. So responsible politicians must come together, across Party, find a way forward and work to heal the deep divisions the Tories and their far right friends have created.

To coin a phrase, “No ifs. No buts”. The Conservatives must stand aside and let others sort out their mess.