Elections In Democratic Republic Of Congo

Posted on: 20th December 2011

Andrew George has seconded EDM2556. Motion reads: “That this House expresses deep concern at the conduct of the recent elections in Democratic Republic of Congo; notes that the respected Carter Centre found that the election results announced by the Electoral Commission lacked credibility and that in a detailed analysis from its 26 teams covering 10 provinces, expressed a number of concerns including the process at Mulemba Nkulu voting staions in Katanga which reported 99.46 per cent. turnout with 100 per cent. of the votes going to President Kabila; further notes that the EU observer mission expressed concern that 17 per cent. of votes were cast from missing persons’ registers, twice the number recorded in 2006; further notes the United Nations Stabilisation Mission observed that there were `significant irregularities’ in the counting and tabulation of votes; and therefore, in view of the widspread concerns and protests throughout the country, questions the legitimacy of the elction process and whether the result is a genuine expression of the wishes of the people of Democratic Republic of Congo.”