Edward Hain – we need a hospital, not just a day centre!

Posted on: 1st April 2019

“Using Edward Hain Hospital as a day centre is just an attempt to save the embarrassment of the Conservative Government and local MPs. We want our Hospital back. With desperately needed inpatient beds and vital medical services.”

Former MP and health campaigner Andrew George was commenting on news that the Edward Hain Pilot Project will be extended to June.

“Using Edward Hain Hospital site as an Age UK day centre is laudable, but it’s a distraction from gaps in medical services needed in this area.

“It’s ironic. The St Ives Age Uk day centre was closed about a decade ago. It was sold to be used as a holiday home because the community were told it wasn’t needed!

“Some hope that putting the community day centre in the old hospital may help save the Conservative Government and its local MP representative from embarrassment. But it’s irrelevant to the medical ambitions we should have for the area. It has also taken critical time which may relinquish health managers from being obliged to consult on the closure of the hospital.”