Edward Hain Hospital – “Save our NHS” campaigners visit to say “Thank you” on 70th anniversary – but Hospital closed

Posted on: 6th July 2018

“Save our NHS” campaigners visit Edward Hain Hospital to say thank you to NHS staff. They meet League of Friends Secretary, Lynne Isaacs and Hospital supporters Shirley Beck and Harry Isaacs but find hospital closed. The Hospital’s inpatient beds have been “temporarily” closed for over 2 years, but outpatient clinics have continued, but it seems the number of these has declined.

The cards and messages from supporters will be delivered when the Hospital next opens. Supporters were not able to deliver on the day of the anniversary.

1) Pictured L-R: Jill George, Andrew George, Jennifer Paling, Shirley Beck, Lesley Brooke, Lynne Isaac, Harry Isaac.

2) Lesley Brooke and Andrew George unable to deliver to the closed hospital