Education, housing and transport to top agenda for MP’s visit to the Scillies

Posted on: 18th July 2012

Isles of Scilly MP, Andrew George, has back to back meetings and surgeries with islanders during his visit to the Scillies tomorrow.

Mr George has been told by the Department for Education that the Secretary of State would be prepared to offer to “broker and assist” a resolution to improve the relationship between the school governing body and the local education authority and to help find a longer term solution.

Mr George said: “I’m coming to the islands to listen, not to judge. I’m pleased that the Secretary of State is taking an interest in seeking the best outcome for education on the Isles of Scilly and to offer to broker a solution.”

There will also be a photo opportunity at Sibley’s Garage at 10.45am. Mr George will meet Mr and Mrs Sibley to find out how they have managed the introduction of the 5p per litre road fuel rebate introduced in March this year.


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