EDM | Sustainable Skilled Employment For Disabled People

Posted on: 5th July 2011

Andrew George MP has signed EDM number 1950 in 2010-11, proposed by Linda Riordan on 20/06/2011.

The motion reads,

That this House recognises the tremendous role Remploy has played in providing sustainable skilled employment for disabled people; notes with regret that over 80 per cent. of those disabled employees made redundant in 2008 have still not found suitable work; believes that the Sayce report recommendations, including the withdrawal of 18 million of funding from residential training colleges and 63 million from Remploy factory businesses and the privatisation of Remploy ES are nothing more thana cynical cost-cutting exercise with no clear guarantee that access to work will benefit people; calls on the Government to hold full and meaningful consultation with trade unions to look at the implications of the Sayce report for disabled people, if accepted by the Government; and urges the Government to look closely at the costs of Remploy Management including the central costs.