EDM | National Epilepsy Week, 15 To 21 May 2011

Posted on: 15th June 2011

Andrew George MP has signed EDM number 1827 in 2010-11, proposed by Valerie Vaz on 18/05/2011.

The motion reads,

That this House notes that the week of 15 May 2011 is National Epilepsy Week 2011; recognises the need to raise awareness of epilepsy and related conditions among children and adults of all ages; acknowledges the hard work and perseverance of organisations including the Joint Epilepsy Council, Epilepsy Action and the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy and others in providing expert support for those with epilepsy and related conditions; further notes with concern research recently published in the British Journal of General Practice which showed that epilepsy mortality rose by more than 30 per cent. between 1995 and 2005 at a time when mortality from all causes in the general population declined; and calls on the Government to take all possible steps to provide the necessary support in health and education to enable people with epilepsy and related conditions to fulfil their potential.