EDM | For-Profit Universities

Posted on: 11th July 2011

Andrew George MP has signed  EDM number 1999 in 2010-11, proposed by Paul Blomfield on 27/06/2011.

The motion reads,

That this House is concerned by the possible expansion of for-profit providers in the higher education sector; is further concerned that the world-class teaching and research of the UK’s higher education sector could be threatened by new for-profit providers; encourages Ministers to consider the Diverse Provision in Higher Education report by the Higher Education Funding Council for England; urges them to note the report’s conclusion that the risks associated with expanding the role of for-profit providers `may amount to a reputational risk for UK higher education’; notes that for-profit providers in the US typically have a lower graduation rate than non-profit higher education institutions; further notes that US education authorities are investigating the recruitment and admissions practices of a number of for-profit universities, including the University of Phoenix, which is owned by the Apollo Group that also owns BPP which was granted private university college status in the UK last year; is further concerned that for-profit providers could cherry-pick the most popular and profitable courses; further notes that for-profit private providers are not required to submit enrolment data to the Government, and are not subject to the same staff employment contract obligations as existing universities; and calls on the Government to protect the quality and reputation of UK higher education.