Andrew George MP: ‘Don’t Pontificate About Care Workers; Listen To Them.’

Posted on: 20th June 2011

Andrew George MP 2Commenting on the publication today of the ECHRC’s report into the care sector, Liberal Democrat Health Select Committee member Andrew George cautioned the Commission not to ignore the fact that most care workers do “a tough job, with impossible targets on minimal pay”.

He said, “there’s nothing more galling for care workers than to hear Baronesses pontificating from ivory towers about their work, telling them that they’re not up to the job and implying that they could do better.

“The truth is that the care profession has some of the most put upon workers in the country.  All of the policy emanating from management Gurus and policy wonks just piles on the pressure.  Fewer hospital beds and the earlier discharge of a growing population of older people with more long term conditions means that a lot more care support is needed at home.  But budget tightening and the redefining of eligibility just heaps pressure on the lowest paid who have the toughest job are set impossible targets and no time to do it in.

“Of course, any cases of unacceptable standards caused by incompetence or an uncaring attitude should be dealt with.  But the key problem in this sector is the heaping of growing pressure and unrealistic demands by highly paid managers on the lowest paid workers.

“Instead of talking about care workers Quangos should talk to them; and find out what it’s like to do a tough job with impossible targets whilst being paid on or around the minimum wage.”