Are we confident they can decide?

Posted on: 6th April 2019


Whatever your view on Brexit, it would be calamitous for this country if crucial decisions which will affect us all for the next 50+ years are taken by MPs who are fatigued and mentally impaired. (see attached article)

The Government lost by just one vote this week while one local Tory MP abstained because he “wasn’t in a good place”. Some MPs are even convinced they now have a christ-like calling to force through a hard-Brexit…

If you have faith that parliament will come to a wise and considered decision you’re probably in a teeny minority right now.

I committed to respect the outcome of the referendum – dodgy, marginal and divisive as it was. But I have no faith that Parliament has the capacity to decide.

Parliament should now (perhaps grudgingly) accept the only deal on offer – Theresa May’s deal – on the condition that it is put it to the people in a final confirmatory vote:
Accept this deal or remain.