Perhaps we Poldarks can finally defeat the Warleggans?

Posted on: 15th August 2019

Does art imitate life? Well all is now set for the good Poldarks to challenge the evil Warleggans. For the Poldarks to advance the politics of decency, compassion, equality and to improve opportunities and life chances for the many by challenging the Warleggans’ protection of the privileges of the wealthy few. Draw your own parallels.

Voters can respond positively when you appeal to their better instincts. Not everyone, in the secrecy of the polling booth, backs the politics of self-interest, prejudice and fear.

Ok, I admit the Boris Warleggan administration holds all the cards. But they operate like a pre-election campaign group rather than a Government doing what’s best for the country. Yes, they’re promising the Earth when they know they don’t have to deliver the hospitals, police numbers and other public services before they go to the polls. But (we hope!) most people see through this.

Those following the engaging BBC 1 Poldark series ought to know what I mean. I believe the parallels I imply are reasonable. Of course the fictional version doesn’t refer to the politics of today. But the themes which reflect the politics of two centuries ago are as relevant today as they were then…