Diabetes And Driving

Posted on: 13th October 2011

Andrew George has seconded EDM2243. Motion reads: “That this House notes with concern that the implementation of EU Directive 2009/112/EC may lead to the restriction of the freedom of the right to drive safely for people with diabetes; recognises that the EU Directive states that those who have more than one severe hypoglycaemia event within a 12-month period may be at the risk of losing their licence; further recognises the EU Directive’s failure to specify that the severe hypoglycaemia events to be reported are those in waking hours, leading the DVLA to include hypoglycaemic events occurring during sleeping hours; and urges the Government to ensure that the Department of Transport and the DVLA provide clarity in their implementation of the Directive, specifying in detail how this will affect the driving rights of people with diabetes.”