Destructive NHS Act to be scrapped – “I told you so”

Posted on: 11th February 2021


The NHS “reforms” introduced a decade ago will apparently be reversed. I spent years fighting the Conservatives and even folk in my own Party who became seduced into accepting these evidently ridiculous and destructive “reforms”.

Am I now entitled to say “I told you so”?

This is what I said 9 years ago – one of many statements and speeches during the the unimpressive passage of the Lansley Bill then.

But there’s no time to reflect, or to relax. No one who knows these Conservatives would trust a word they say. The Conservatives voted against the creation of the NHS and have always viewed the public sector with suspicion.

We must follow this closely. This is what the BBC is saying today

The NHS in England is to be reformed so health and care services can work more closely together, the government says.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the planned restructure will mean a focus “on the health of the population, not just the health of patients”.

But Labour questioned the timing of the changes “in the middle of the biggest public health crisis our NHS has ever faced”, saying staff were exhausted.

Mr Hancock said there was “no better time than now”.

A full White Paper was published on Thursday, setting out the proposed future legislation…