Cyber Crime

Posted on: 21st November 2011

Andrew George has signed EDM2425. Motion reads: “That this House notes that despite overwhelming numbers of UK businesses being affected by cyber crime, 40 per cent. of cyber crimes committed against businesses currently go unreported; further notes that 33 per cent. of small and medium-sized enterprises agree that there is a lack of support and reporting methods for cases of cyber crime and that 85 per cent. of businesses in Scotland and England would report cyber crimes if they felt that there was a sufficient and dedicated mechanism to do so; further notes that dedicated pilot schemes are being operated in Wales, but that the rest of the UK is lagging behind;regrets that although the Metropolitan Police has a dedicated e-crime unit, there is no direct access for assistance or reporting by businesses and standard methods of reporting are proving ineffective; and calls on the Government to introduce a targeted and specific mechanism for businesses and individuals to be able to report cyber crime directly to the most appropriate bodies, and to establish both a scheme of forums for businesses to express their concerns about cyber crime and the most progressive ways for businesses to protect themselves.”