CQC report on Cornwall out of hours GP service

Posted on: 18th July 2012

Commenting on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) report into the out of hours GP service in Cornwall, West Cornwall MP, Andrew George – who referred the matter to the CQC in the first place – said:

“As I referred this to the CQC I feel vindicated by its findings. It was right to convey the concerns of constituents and to seek a proper investigation. This is a good and welcome report and I congratulate the CQC.

“Above all, it is clearly the intention of the CQC to ensure that failings are identified and that improvements happen. I believe that both the PCT and Serco are working on this.

“I fear that the data management issues are serious. It seems records were only manipulated in favour of Serco’s interests.

“Though the CQC says that they did not find evidence of ‘deliberate’ alteration of data, neither did they find evidence that it was not deliberately altered. The CQC simple does not have the forensic remit or capacity to prove or disprove such a point.

“This potentially raises serious questions about the future of the NHS reforms the Government is keen to roll out under the Health and Social Care Act.”


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