CPRE? “Ok, but don’t turn Cornwall into replica of England” – George

Posted on: 16th December 2013

Commenting on news that the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) had relaunched a Cornwall Branch this weekend, West Cornwall, MP Andrew George cautioned that Cornwall doesn’t want to be turned into a replica of England “with deserts of millionaires and not a Cornish person in sight”.

Mr George said, “We’re quite used to people coming down and telling everyone that they’ve ‘discovered’ the place – as if Cornwall hadn’t existed until their arrival! – but we don’t need any more NIMBYs who pull up the draw bridge after their arrival and proceed to tidy up and manicure the place into placelessness.

“Yes, of course we don’t want Cornwall to continue being treated as a developers’ paradise. After all we’ve endured a faster pace of house building than almost anywhere else over the past 50 years and yet the housing problems of locals have got worse. Second homes, investment properties and retirement developments have grown as homes genuinely affordable to locals have become more scarce.

“If we can work together to put that right then I’m sure we’ll all get along like a house on fire!”

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