Cove Fishermen Deserve More Support

Posted on: 11th July 2011
Cove Fishermen Deserve More Support

Cove Fishermen Deserve More Support

Following his meeting with Porthleven fishermen on Friday evening, West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, pledged to seek changes in the Government’s proposals for the Under 10 metre fleet – day boats which were registered to fish from eight ports and coves around his West Cornwall constituency from the Helford to St Ives Bay – and the Isles of Scilly.

Mr George has already expressed his concerns about the potential impact of the Government’s proposal to Fisheries Minister, Richard Benyon, and departmental officials. Mr Benyon has agreed to meet a delegation of fishermen led by Mr George in the coming weeks.

Mr George said, “The inshore fleet have the least impact on stocks, yet they are the most regulated. Powerful over 10 metre boats and foreign vessels can chase fish, whereas these men have to make a living from selectively catching what comes within a few miles of their cove.

“Although I believe that the Government has the best of intentions, and to protect fish stocks and a sustainable industry, I am not sure that this policy is the best way of going about it. Many local fishermen believe that it will put them out of business. Certainly, fishermen in Porthleven are up in arms about the potential it could have on them.”


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