Cornwall deserves cycling support too

Posted on: 12th August 2013
Andrew George MP cycles to work

Andrew George MP regularly cycles to work in Penzance and London

West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, (who, as usual, cycled the 11 miles from his home to his Penzance office today,) has called on the Government to extend the announced cash injection for cycling beyond cities and national parks to places like Cornwall.

Mr George (picture attached) has always been a keen cyclist. He cycles throughout the week when in London (all year and all weathers!).  He said:

“The Government’s cash boost is welcome. It will be a great help for those who cycle in our cities and in national parks.  But cycling has really taken off in Cornwall too. But there remain many danger spots which really need sorting out.

“Sensible road design and greater cycling popularity would unquestionably improve safety for cyclists in places like Cornwall”.