Cornwall to ‘boldly go’. Goonhilly can give Cornwall a lead in race to “final frontier”

Posted on: 24th February 2014

Local MP, Andrew George and MEP, Sir Graham Watson congratulated the entrepreneurs who have taken on the £multimillion satellite and telecommunications facilities and potential cutting edge space research centre at Goonhilly when they visited the site last week.

Mr George has been a strong supporter of the company which now offers the opportunity of a new dawn of space science research, investment and jobs on a site which was abandoned by British Telecom five years ago.

Mr George has worked closely with Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd to make sure this vital project gets off the ground.

Sir Graham Watson pledged to continue his support for local companies, including GES Ltd, and to ensure they get full backing from the European Space Agency and the European Commission.

Mr George said:  “This is fantastic news for the West Cornwall economy.  Space science and satellite communications are rapidly growing sectors with great prospects.  Goonhilly is brilliantly placed to take advantage in the decades ahead and to help UK plc secure a good slice of the global trade.

“If Cornwall plays its cards right and gets behind the companies which want to invest in Goonhilly, Cornwall has the real prospect of making a major contribution to the UK’s satcom business growth and space research – at the cutting edge of a sector with phenomenal capacity for growth.

“With the ‘Brian-Coxification’ of space science I’m sure that the proposed Visitor Centre on site will become a major attraction.  We wish the new companies based at Goonhilly the very best of success and we will be working with them to make sure that they get all the support they need.”



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